Rock Tales

Hosted BySteve Blacknell

Rock Tales is a series of podcasts where we invite music and entertainment luminaries and veterans to recount stories about their time in the entertainment business.

Rock Tales 4 – Part 3

Rock Tales 4 – Part 3


Rock Tales Episode 4 – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Rock Tales 4, produced by Podidoc, as our mixed bag of hugely talented music industry veterans continue to recount their favourite ’backstage’ stories and other tales.

In Rock Tales Episode 4 Part 3 stories include, or refer to:  Adam Ant, Hollywood, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye , Smokey Robinson, Artist relations, Andy Williams, Donald Sutherland, Hall & Oates, Damon Hill & U2, Eric Clapton, Aswad, Living with your heroes,  Marvin, Welch & Farrar, 60’s bands, Michael Jackson, Anita Ward, Earth Wind & Fire, Hi-Tension and Richard Ashcroft

Our host is Steve Blacknell, with our illustrious guests …. Marc Marot, Greg Lynn,  Lem Lubin and Jon Mais and David Beeching from Podidoc.

But be warned, this ‘zoomcast’ may contain some very strong language.

We hope you have enjoyed all three parts of Rock Tales 4…

Rock Tales 5 will be published in late July  2020.