Recovery Radio with Russell Brand

Russell Brand recorded a series of special shows called Recovery Radio, back in late 2017, but they remain as relevant and compelling today as the day they were recorded.

Hosted ByRussell Brand

These podcasts explore compelling stories of addiction, dependency and recovery with former addicts; highlighting how people deal with becoming ‘clean’ and preventing relapses back into addiction. The mood of the shows swings from the humorous to the harrowing and can be hard to listen to. Be warned, they also contain some extreme language.

Episode 1:
In this first Recovery Radio show – that explores addiction, dependency and recovery – Russell Brand  (13 years clean) talks to his guests Mark (20 years clean), Trevor (14 years clean) and Anna (95 days clean) about their stories of addiction, dependency and recovery.


Episode 2:
Features a phone-in where Russell Brand and a trained therapist talk to listeners about their own experiences


Episode 3:
The Female Perspective.
This show explores addiction, dependency and recovery and Russell Brand talks to Mary, Vicky and Sarah to get a female perspective on the recovery process.
Episode 4:
This week Russell (14 years clean) talks to Tosca (21 years clean), Steve (10 years sober) and Natasha (clean for 1,605 days) about what the idea of recovery means to them and their experiences of the 12-step process.Russell and his guests talk about their time as addicts and, as always, the show lurches from “humorous” to “harrowing”Along the way we find ourselves under the stage at Wembley Stadium during Live Aid, hitching a ride on the number 44 bus and at Steve’s daughter’s wedding – which he says was “like all the jackpots coming at once.” The show touches on the gallows humour that is an essential part of the recovery process – with Steve and Russell bemoaning the fact that “outdoor lager” isn’t as strong as it used to be – but at its heart this show is about recovery, the twelve step process and the fact that there is hope and help for anyone struggling with addiction if they’re prepared to accept it.

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